Better than TV!

I get so frustrated with TV. So many channels and nothing to watch! I’m not much of a story-show guy. I tend to lean toward what Kathleen calls “Scary Fish” shows – things like River Monsters, Expedition Unknown, The Curse of Oak Island, etc.

But even better than reruns of TV shows are webinars! Legacy Family Tree Webinars is one of my favorites. You can find them at You can subscribe to their service or you can take advantage of their free webinars. With a subscription, you get on-demand access to their entire library of webinars, along with notes and other materials. For free, you get to watch the webinar live or on a replay for a few days afterward, but you don’t get the handouts or other materials.

The lineup for 2019 was published this week for Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Take a look at the lineup and see what looks good to you. My suggestion is to use their multi-session signup tool here. With it, you check off all the webinars for the year that you are interested in and you get confirmation emails for them all. Each one has a calendar appointment that can click to add this to your calendar to remind you. And a few days before the seminar, they will remind you, too.

These cover the whole gamut from beginner to advanced, from US to Australia, and all sorts of records.

Additionally, as a part of this series, the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) offers more in-depth webinars. These talk about the sorts of topics that would be more intersting to more advanced researchers. But, don’t let that scare you. If you sign in and then find that the webinar is not for you, sign out. No harm, no foul.

Here’s a confession: for daytime webinars, I often start the webinar on my second PC while I am working at home. And while I travel, I would rather watch a webinar than sit in the hotel room and channel-surf. And here’s a tip: sign in a few minutes early to the webinars. Even though these are free, they do have a limited number of attendees for each session, and when it’s full, it’s full. And a last tip: take advantage of the replay for sessions you miss.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars is not the only source for webinars. Many societies offer free webinars, along with software vendors and others. (And I am not even getting started with YouTube channels!). Follow GeneaWebinars for a central clearinghouse of Genealogy Webinars.

Expand your knowledge this year! Sign up and attend some webinars!


Author: Scott Dickson

I've been doing family history research since the late 1980s. Almost all of my family came into the southern colonies and worked there way across the South. Lately, I've started to look at my wife's New England, Irish, and French Canadian ancestry. My tree is online at

2 thoughts on “Better than TV!”

  1. Just today I registered for some of these webinars, about 1 per month for the first half of the year. Didn’t know about the tool to register for several at one time though!


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